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Earn $15+/hr As A Stay-at-Home Parent With Otter - Santa Clarita Job

Earn $15+/hr As A Stay-at-Home Parent With Otter - Santa Clarita Job

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Help Wanted: Earn $15+ / Hr As A Stay-at-Home Parent With Otter
Calling all stay-at-home parents!

Being a stay-at-home parent is hard: you may feel like you’ve had to choose between caring for your family and earning money to support them. You do what you love, can you imagine getting paid for it? Otter is here to help you do that, and we’re in Santa Clarita!

What is Otter?
Otter is a new way to think about childcare. Stay-at-home parents watch other peoples’ kids alongside their own and are paid for doing it. While parents who need support get childcare they can rely on, you get paid for the real care work you’re already doing. It’s childcare that feels like family.

How much does it cost?
It’s completely free for stay-at-home parents providing care to sign up for Otter and get matched to another family.

How much can I make?
You set your own hourly rate and choose what hours you want to offer care. Parents on Otter regularly charge more than $15/hr.

This is interesting. Where can I learn more?
Click here to learn more and sign up: https://withotter.com/start?utm_source=craigslist

I need childcare. Can you help?
Definitely, click here to sign up if you need childcare: https://withotter.com/start?utm_source=craigslist
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Santa Clarita , CA
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Date Posted: 2022-05-13
Job ID #: 12720
Valid Through: 2022-09-10

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